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Suppliers of Dalfratex 

We can supply the full range of Dalfratex high temperature materials at competitive prices.

Dalfratex is a range of inorganic fibres and textiles.  The materials are capable of operating continuously at 1000C and up to 1600C for limited periods.  Products are available as textile cloths, tapes, sleevings, cords, braided packings, ropes, bulk fibres and batts.
Petrochemical - Nuclear Power Plants - Automotive - Steel Production - Glass Manufacture

Suppliers of Promalight and Promaguard

We can supply the full range of Promalight and Promaguard boards at competitive prices.
Boards can be cut to size and shape with the raw edges sealed with glass cloth tape.  Very light weight combined with high temperature resistance.  Raw materials are harmless with regard to working hygiene.
Promaguard is certified for use in marine vessels and comes with the ships wheel stamp.  It is designed to meet the most severe conditions for passive fire protection.  The solution for all insulating and fire protection systems for bulkheads and decks on aluminium structures, GRP and steel requiring both extreme light weight and ultra thin insulation.
Promalight is a flexible micro porous thermal insulation board, made as a slab in a skin of glass cloth, which has very good thermal and mechanical properties.
Applications include furnace construction, petrochemical, steel smelting, power plants and boilers
AJB Heatshields