AJB Heatshields




Cars, trucks, construction, plant


 Our products fit around exhaust manifolds/pipes, water/oil/brake pipes, turbo's and oil coolers as a wrap or encapsulated within a plastic shell or cover.  Working in conjunction with a plastic injection moulding company we can design and manufacture an insulation blanket and shell that both aesthetically compliments the engine and offers a fast easy fit.  Complete exhaust manifold and turbo insulation, exhaust pipe insulation.  Eliminates excessive heat transfer from exhaust manifold and turbos to protect the surrounding areas and plastic pipes and cables etc. 




Turbo Covers
 Proper insulation and shielding methods will help to prevent fires due to flammable and combustible liquids spraying onto hot surfaces (i.e. turbochargers, exhaust piping)



 We produce high quality sleevings from aluminised glass cloth or a combination of aluminised glass cloth, 3mm insulation and plain glass cloth for use as a shield against radiant heat or as an insulation to stop heat loss.


 Using silicone coated glass cloth as an outer skin, in conjunction with a variety of insulations and inner fabrics, we can manufacture a durable waterproof wrap. 



Benefits Include;

  • Contains heat while the engine is not running to aid better emission results on start up
  • Protect surrounding cables and wires from heat damage
  • Reduce under cab temperatures
  • Stop source of ignition from leaks

AJB Heatshields