AJB Heatshields


Heat shields / fire Blankets / Welding Mats / Furnace Covers / Cable Insulation

We manufacture made to measure fire blankets, welding mats, trough guards and furnace covers using high quality materials capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1600C. These can be single or double layers with an insulation infill.



Furness cover
Two layers of cloth stitched together using S/S thread. Manufactured to customers required size.


Welding mats
Supplied as single layer with eyelets


Fire blanket/curtain
All blankets can also be supplied with insulation infill to make an insulation mattress.


Cable Insulation

Supplying a range of tapes, sleeving and cloth, all with good electrical insulating properties and high electrical strength, for use on cables.
Tapes and sleeving come in pre-manufactured sizes or cloth can be cut and overlocked to customers requirements.


AJB Heatshields